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Von Hansensm helps hearing aid retailers sell more hearing aids. The best way to sell hearing aids to an inquiry caller is to schedule them for a hearing evaluation. Preferably, this evaluation will be a third party appointment attended by both the patient, and a loved one who will help the patient make the decision to purchase a hearing aid.
Von Hansensm provides hearing aid retailers and their receptionists with Script on a Screen®, the most effective method for converting inquiring phone calls into third party appointments. Script on a Screen® provides a pathway that moves the caller to explain the patient's hearing difficulties, to indicate whether the patient presently wears hearing instruments, to reveal the patient's degree of satisfaction with their hearing instruments, and to schedule a third party appointment. In short, Script on a Screen® is a method for establishing a human connection that substantially increases the number of patients that schedule an appointment, and purchase a hearing aid. Von Hansensm also provides hearing aid retailers with monitoring services, which ensure that receptionists commit to the Script on a Screen® method.

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